Open Gear Sump™

Kiln Lube 300

Open Gear Sumpis a high viscosity, synthetic open gear lubricant designed for use with slow moving open gear drives on rotary equipment such as kilns, dryers, and ball mills. Open Gear Sump can be applied via sump or bath applications. Uniquely formulated, Open Gear Sump provides the protection of a high viscosity lubricant at elevated operating temperatures and also stays fluid at cooler temperatures, such as when equipment is shutdown, aiding in trouble free startup. Open Gear Sump was created with additional extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers to further assist in the separation of gear teeth during the sliding motion encountered on slow-moving gears. 

Features and Benefits

High viscosity synthetic lubricant designed for use at low and elevated temperatures 

Oxidation-resistant additives provide extended drain levels

Extreme pressure additives aid in gear tooth separation at slow speeds 

Lubricant stays fluid at cooler temperatures when equipment is down aiding in trouble free startups

Traditional sump open gear lubricants have issues of build up of solids on gear and in sump, but Open Gear Sump is formulated to prevent such buildup






Always remember to consult with an expert and check compatibility with other products prior to using. Call us to set up a conference call. 

Pictured: 1. Open Gear Sump adhered to pinion. 

2.  Open Gear Sump adhered to girth gear. 




Bath Application






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