Baghouse Services

for Rotary Kilns, Dryers and Ball Mills

Mechanical Systems Training

We offer baghouse training to help your team understand the function and common issues concerning your baghouse and air system. We can help you to develop a “best practice,” inspection plan that incorporates both operational and mechanical items.

Mechanical Systems Inspections/Audits

We cover the following:

  • Operational “Best Practices”
  • Preheating
  • Damper Control
    • Operation Parameters
    • Seals
    • Pressure Performance
    • Temperature Performance
    • Top Doors
    • Tube Sheet
    • Air Plenum
    • Air Valves
    • Blow Pipes
    • Turrets
    • Collection & Take Away
    • Fan
    • Airlock
    • Dust Blower

Leak Detection / Moon Lighting

We recommend a yearly inspection for leaks be performed to protect emissions and lower operating costs.

Filter Bag Sizing

Our rotary equipment and baghouse experts can review your system and ensure you are using the best rated and performance filter media (bags) for your system.

Retro-Fit and Custom Fabrication

We can help determine an upgrade in performance and/or size for your operation.

Baghouse Part Installation

We provide expert installation on all your baghouse parts for your rotary kiln, dryer or ball mill.

Critical Spares Definition

We can help you avoid unnecessary downtime by helping you determine what to keep in your critical spare inventory.