Retubes On Steam Tube Dryers

With well over a century of experience

Retubes on steam tube dryers are challenging and unique projects best left to those who specialize in them. With our sister company, Louisville Dryer Company, we have well over a century of steam tube dryer history and experience.

Why Retube?

  • Plugged tubes
  • Leaking tubes
  • Cracked tubes
  • Broken tube support
  • Moisture in product (no longer drying)
  • Steam cut
  • Lower production yield
  • Safety considerations
  • Convert to water cooler

steam tubes on rotary dryer

How a typical job progresses*:

  • Weld and test tubes and other necessary hardware
  • Remove hardware on steam chest
  • Remove braided hoses on condensate ring
  • Remove steam joint
  • Remove tubes
  • Inspect internals and repair
  • Insert new/repaired tubes
  • Push tubes
  • Roll and flare tube to tube sheet
  • Re-assemble
  • Hydrotest

*This is a simplified version of the progression. A detailed quote will be given upon request.

What we need to know:

  • Tubes
    • Length
    • Diameter
    • Gauge
  • Is a mill certificate needed?
Re-tubing rotary equipment 1