Precision BDC Measurement Tool

The C-Trac™ Precision BDC* Measurement Tool (Patent Pending) was developed as a quick and accurate way to obtain bottom dead center of a tire on a rotary kiln or dryer, assisting in measuring the unit alignment in a fast, safe and effective manner.

*Bottom Dead Center

When your unit is aligned, the slope and the centerlines match the OEM or predetermined values. Tire to tire, the slope matches, and tire to tire, it is centered horizontally with the base. Knowing the “dead bottom center,” of the tire verifies the rotary kiln or dryers is positioned properly between the support rollers which distributes load evenly and cuts down on excess wear of support roller bearings.

Mike Lyons, Eastern District Manager, shows us the C-Trac in action.

Consequences of misalignment:

  • If unit is not centered, especially for 3 piers or more, circumferential cracks can develop on shell near tire.
  • Accelerated tire/roller wear
  • Increase in Hertz Pressure
  • Tire pad wear
  • Load distribution change causing excessive load at certain piers.

What’s Included in the C-Trac™ Kit?

  • C-Trac™ PRECISION BDC Measurement Tool
  • 5oz - 3 ½” Steel Plumb Bob with string
  • 30’ Measuring Tape
  • Soap Stone Pen
C-Trac close-up attached to unit
C-Trac tools inside of case