Rotary Parts Supply & Design

We Meet or Exceed OEM Standards

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We Support All OEM Brands

New and Reconditioned, Custom and Reverse Designs

Dryers – Louisville Dryer, Davenport, Feeco, Superior, McDermott, Bartlett-Snow, Stansteel, Stearns Rogers, and much more. Kilns/Coolers – Metso, KVS, Allis-Chalmers, Fuller, Polysius, Vulcan FL Smidth. Ball Mills – Metso, Outokumfu, Polysius, Fuller, FL Smidth, Vulcan. Burners, Heaters, Chemical Feed, Lime Slaking, Hydrators, Calciners, Separators, Agglomerators, Crystallizers, and much more.

  • Air seals
    • Leaf, belt, segmented, bellow, custom
  • Thrust roller
    • Parts and assemblies
  • Support Roller Base
  • Support rollers/trunnions
    • Assembly, shafts, bearings, rollers
  • Tire 
    • Single, two piece, four piece
  • Tire mounting systems
    • Pads, shims, stop blocks, custom
  • Drive systems
    • Gear boxes, motors, couplings
  • Gears - Pinion
    • Single piece, split, segmented up to 32’ diameter
  • Chain drives and sprockets
    • Chains
    • Sprockets
    • Drive
  • Shell Sections
    • STD carbon steel
    • Specialty metal
  • Internals
    • Steam tube - steam chest, tubes, tube supports
    • Flighting systems
    • Chain systems
  • Misc.
    • Knocker hammers
  • Baghouse parts
  • Used Equipment Options

Critical Spares and Lead Times

Some Things to Know About Our Parts Business:

  • Our parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards to handle the design loads of the unit it is being installed on, both static and dynamic
  • We only use credible companies that we have personally visited, and inspected, as sourcing partners
  • Our sourcing partners must utilize a recognized quality system and/or standard
  • Our sourcing partners must be able to trace, and document, their raw material supply
  • Our sourcing partners must be financially stable and capable
  • All parts modeled in 3D
  • Laser scanning technology used to design replacement parts

Catastrophic Failure

We believe that this critical phase can be avoided, especially by focusing on preventive maintenance and proactive service on equipment. But if you do find yourself in a catastrophic failure situation, our team has the experience and knowledge to act swiftly to re-establish your operation as quickly as possible. Call our 24/7 emergency hotline at 877-316-6140 for immediate support.

Preventative Maintenance

Measurement Tools, Lubricants, and more.
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Wear Item Replacement

For Heat Source Systems, Sealing, Tires, Drive Systems, and more.
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