Establishing a correct initial alignment, or maintaining a parallel position, is perhaps the most critical preventative maintenance procedure for all types of rotary equipment. The T-Trac® Precision Beam Alignment System is a highly accurate, OEM certified and low cost measurement tool that mechanically measures the distance between two surfaces; like the distance between trunnion/support roller faces and tire faces on rotary kilns or dryers. Interpretation of these measurements allows for precise adjustments which increase the lifespan of the rotary unit’s components.

Measuring Principle

The T-Trac® Precision Beam and its components are composed of precision ground 6061 aluminum. Calibrated, tested and certified to the tolerance of +/-0.002” ensures precise readings in order to successfully make adjustments and/or installs. A strong magnetic connection provides a stable and secure beam mount preventing movement from the T-Trac® Precision Beam during adjustments. Digital indicators measure the fluctuation in distance between the support roller and tire. By utilizing a highly machined beam, a strong magnetic connection and easy to read digital indicators, adjustment guesswork is eliminated. Digital indicators are standard; dial indicators are optional.

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