Flights for Rotary Equipment

Flights, or lifters, are specially designed "fins" to assist in the movement of material as it travels through a rotary dryer.

Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group and our sister companies have provided thousands of flighting systems for all types of rotary drying and processing equipment. 

We can fully replace, modify and/or strengthen your current flighting system no matter the type or brand / OEM of your unit.

Types of flights we can design, fabricate and install:

  • J-flights
  • L-flights
  • Spiral flights
  • Bucket flights
  • Saw tooth J-flights
  • Honeycomb flights


What we need to know to quote design of new flights or installation of new flights:

  • Diameter of unit?
  • Length of unit?
  • How many flights?
  • Characteristics of the material:
    • What is the material?
    • Is the material sticky, granular, etc?
    • Pounds per cubic foot

Helpful Tips:

  • For flights bolted in, inspect regularly to catch any loose or broken bolts.
  • For welded bolts, inspect regularly to ensure there are no broken welds.
  • For highly abrasive material, where you may be replacing broken bolts or re-welding often, consider an alternative method of fastening.