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IKDU Certification Program: Building Confidence Through Application

Our IKDU classes have been popular since their launch in 2012. A good balance of classroom time, hands-on labs and Louisvillian hospitality has ushered in new and repeat customers throughout the years.

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Top Cement Producer in Latin America Continues to Produce During Pandemic

Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group recently visited one of our top customers in Latin America, Soboce. Soboce, which is part of the Peruvian group, Gloria, is headquartered in Bolivia. Bolivia has the 7th most high mortality rate in Latin America and as such has a great concern for health and safety during this pandemic. Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group has taken the proper care and necessary measures to continue providing Soboce with the same attention and optimal services they’ve come to expect from us throughout our relationship.

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Project Planning

What’s that saying again? Oh, yeah… those that fail to plan, plan to fail. Here at IKD, we take that seriously. We’ve learned through many years of rotary equipment field service and parts supply that planning is the heartbeat of a successful job. We’re proud of the growth of our planning process and very pleased that it has created stronger communication with you, our customer, and contributed to many outstanding project successes.

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A Monumental Gear Reversal

If you ever interview with Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group, you’ll likely be told during the interview, by multiple IKD employees, that one of the exciting things about working here is the chance to encounter new challenges each day. It’s true. Every customer’s equipment and process is unique and every day we set out to solve problems through sound engineering principles and detailed, caring customer service.

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Covid and the Conflict

At our core, we’re a glass half full company. We look at chaos or hurdles (something that arises frequently in the field) as opportunity for growth and exploration. Sometimes the obstacles are small and easily dealt with, while others are more complicated with potential lasting implications. Although the trickier conundrums may take extra brain power and time to figure out, we don’t shy away from conflict.

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Bonus Depreciation

We know. Taxes aren’t the most thrilling topic, but we think understanding the Tax Cuts and Job Act will lead to some sensational savings for you. We’ve compiled the highlights and we’ll try to make it as painless as possible*!

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