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Top Cement Producer in Latin America Continues to Produce During Pandemic

Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group recently visited one of our top customers in Latin America, Soboce. Soboce, which is part of the Peruvian group, Gloria, is headquartered in Bolivia. Bolivia has the 7th most high mortality rate in Latin America and as such has a great concern for health and safety during this pandemic. Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group has taken the proper care and necessary measures to continue providing Soboce with the same attention and optimal services they’ve come to expect from us throughout our relationship.

Hans Fernandez who works in Maintenance at Soboce told Alejandro Terrazas and Lauren Rivero, IKD’s International team the following:

"The global Covid-19  pandemic is a social and economic phenomenon that affects us all in a professional and person way. Although many of the companies with an area in the industry have been affected by the virus, we as the largest cement company in Bolivia, are unable to cease operation. For many years, health and safety have been our most important priority, and it continues to be even more so during these challenging times.

The cement and construction industry provides an essential service to our society during, and will continue to do so after, the Covid-19 pandemic. Cement helps build critical infrastructures like hospital and roads. Additionally, it will assist in reviving national and local economies through employment and development.

Soboce and our entire family of companies are making a great effort and giving our very best during these moments of crisis.

We are grateful that Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group remains open to their clients 24/7/365 despite the risks that the pandemic brings. We believe that with safety and awareness, we can continue working with responsible and highly experienced companies like Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group, a leader in the rotary processing industry."

Cement, manufactured from limestone and other materials and often mixed with concrete, is utilized in the creation of roads, housing, building development and pipelines that drive water to communities. Second only to safe drinking water, cement/concrete leads as the world’s most utilized product. The cement industry also contributes to a long and various supply chain and 7.7% of world employment. While the pandemic’s effect on the cement segment is hard to determine because of the uncertainty of the long-term effect on the overall global economy, what is already apparent is that there is an expected 3% shrink in global cement demand.  Cement producers like Soboce have been forced to make critical decisions related to cost savings and capital projects, all while juggling new health and safety regulations. The need for a trusted relationship with a rotary maintenance company is needed now more than ever to assist in making smart decisions regarding routine and preventative maintenance and capital projects. 

To learn more about the precautions we’re taking to service your rotary maintenance program amid this pandemic, please feel free to reach out to your Key Account Specialist by calling 877.316.6140.  There is a way to remain both safe and keep your essential operation going!

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