3D Scanning Technology for Rotary Equipment

The Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group Engineering Department has invested in 3D scanning technology to give you the most accurately sized parts possible! Our 3D parts scanner service is able to scan individual parts or multiple parts at one time, picking up on details such as small defects and wear and tear. Scan time depends on the size of the part, but on average takes about 20 minutes.

Part Scan Logo

Worker using 3D part scanner on rotary equipment

Benefits of Partscan Services

  • Older parts, originally designed as casted, can be designed into multiple components, which is often more cost effective and faster leadtime.
  • Measurements of parts can be taken quickly and accurately, whether it is a large or a small part.
  • Gives us an understanding of where the weak points (where the most wear occurs) are, offering an opportunity to improve on the design.
  • Allows us to design the best and closest fit possible.  
  • Complicated designs that are hard to measure by hand can be "reverse engineered," accurately.
Part scan 3D rendering 1
Part scan 3D rendering 2
Part scan 3D rendering 3