MolyBlocks™ (Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricant)

Lubricant for Rotary Kilns and Dryers

MolyBlocks™ (Whitmore Solid Stick Lubricant) lubricant for Rotary Kilns and Rotary Dryers self-transfers from support roller to tire and from thrust roller to tire edge.

  • Lowers the coefficient of friction to as low as 0.20 in application. This greatly reduces mechanical wear.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Does NOT “Glaze Over” so you do not have to go around and “Wire Brush Scuff” the working end as required with Graphite Blocks.
  • Self-cleansing and reapplying
  • Not affected by rain nor humidity
  • Not affected by normal pressure washing of equipment
  • Fire resistant/self-extinguishing

Available in: Solid Blocks Cut to Specification

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