Gearbox Oil (Paragon Mill Bearing EP Oil)

Lubricant for Rotary Kilns, Rotary Dryers and Ball Mills

Gearbox Oil (Paragon Mill Bearing EP Oil) is a great solution for gearboxes in an operation where high load, shock load and reverse motion is involved. Used in enclosed conditions.

  • Anti-wear: designed for severe conditions to extend gear life.
  • Anti-foam: designed to protect the seals, lower the operating temperature so that oil life is extended.
  • Typically, double the four ball weld performance with 500kg than competitive gear oils.
  • Lower costs associated with disposal and change out due to extended life.
  • Tacky: creates a protective film of lubricant to cling to gearing surfaces even during a long shutdown.  Lower risk of damage at start-up.

Best Application

  • All makes and models of all gearboxes including, but not limited to, the ones driving your Rotary Kilns, Rotary Dryer and/or Ball Mills.

Available in: 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, kegs and shuttle tanks

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