Rotary Dryer Mechanical Inspection While Running

While Rotary Dryer is Running

rotary kiln inspections

An inspection while your rotary dryer is running provides you the flexibility of obtaining valuable information about your dryer without shutting down and losing production. We provide a comprehensive inspection along with recommendations for your consideration.

A typical rotary unit inspection while running includes a thorough visual inspection that consists of temperature measurements, noise observations and visual condition of equipment. We visually inspect the following:

  • Seals
  • Thrust Rollers
  • Support Rollers / Trunnions
  • Gear & Pinion
  • Shell
  • Tires
  • Support Bases
  • Lubrication

A more detailed, comprehensive list is available. Please contact us for more information.

Benefits of a mechanical inspection while running:

  • Identify equipment problems before they fail and provide maintenance attention before it escalates into costlier issues
  • Plan preventative maintenance outages more strategically
  • Identify reoccurring equipment failure so it can be corrected
  • Establish a regular routine equipment inspection program

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