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Your rotary equipment has multiple rolling surfaces which require proper support and pin point accurate adjustments. Issues with support base structures or its mechanical components may cause excessive wear throughout the unit. Industrial Kiln & Dryer® has the capacity to design, repair and retrofit any support base configuration as well as provide grinding, replacement and installation of new or used support rollers/trunnions.

Common Issues

  • Environment ruined foundation
  • Poor structural design
  • Signs of pitting, spalling and cracks
  • Abnormal wear patterns on support rollers/trunnions
  • Wobbling or poor contact between tire and support rollers/trunnions
  • Hot bearings caused by high thrust loads
  • Rollover (mushroom) edges on tire and support rollers/trunnions
  • Increased power required to operate unit

Our unique troubleshooting and engineered approach will ensure your symptoms do not continue to cause problems. Before leaving the job site we check the accuracy and quality of the installation or repair to ensure its full completion.

What we need from you:

  • Why are you looking for an upgrade or replacement?
  • History of any failed bearings
  • Number of support rollers/trunnions
  • Bearing make and model
  • Centerline of support roller/trunnion bearing
  • Support roller/trunnion diameter and face width
  • Shaft and support roller/trunnion diameter
support roller diagram
  • Why are you looking for an upgrade or replacement?
  • Support bearing make and model
  • Support roller/trunnion centerline distance
  • Support roller/trunnion diameter
  • Bearing centerline distance
  • Base height, length and width
  • Base treatment (paint)
  • Pictures, videos, drawings, environment condition, etc.
  • Condition of anchor bolts
support roller diagram

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